Blockchain Ecosystem for Real-World Asset & PropTech Solutions

Where real estate meets blockchain, unlocking the possibilities for homeownership and investment solutions to craft lasting legacies.

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Why Propchain?

Bridging the gap between Real Assets and Technology

In an age where the line between the tangible and digital realms blurs, Propchain emerges as the beacon of innovation. We understand the intrinsic value of Real-World Assets (RWA) and recognize the transformative prowess of modern Proptech solutions.

Propchain was conceived to bridge this very gap. By integrating blockchain's trust, transparency, and efficiency, we're not only enhancing the management and transaction of RWAs but also unlocking new avenues of accessibility, security, and growth. With Propchain, experience the future where every real asset benefits from the zenith of technological evolution.

What is Propchain?

From Bricks to Bytes:
Leading the RWA & PropTech Blockchain Revolution

Propchain stands as a vanguard in the blockchain-powered Real-World Assets (RWA) and PropTech space. Leveraging a proprietary technology infrastructure, we've meticulously crafted tailored blockchain solutions that resonate with the unique demands of RWA and PropTech. But our vision extends beyond mere technology; we've integrated human expertise and capital strategies into our ecosystem.

By pioneering in-house solutions and fostering collaborative innovation, Propchain not only propels the industry but also invites contributors to co-create value, ensuring our platform remains at the cutting edge of blockchain real estate innovation.

Ecosystem Benefits

Blockchain in Proptech

Harnessing microservices and advanced blockchain technology for robust solutions.

Integrated Approach

Delivering unparalleled technological, human, and capital solutions to propel the industry forward

Collaborative Ecosystem

Enabling mutual growth with partners and innovators, driving continuous value creation.

The Ecosystem

Blockchain-Powered Foundation Amplifying Value-Creation

The Propchain ecosystem thrives on our proprietary build secure and open-source blockchain architecture empowered with technological tools like smart contracts that elevate the experience of engaging with real-world assets.


RWA & PropTech Layer

A decentralized network aiming to streamline real estate processes, reduce frictions, and offer users the most recent Proptech innovations.

Propchain Capital

Venture Capital for Growth

We provide resources to high potential PropTech startups to amplify the sustainability and growth of the Propchain ecosystem and network through on-chain integration.

Our Products

Propchain Verticals

Founded on the Propchain network, our user-centric products and verticals are geared to drive value for the different use cases of the real estate arena, empowering users with tools for building legacies and sustainable wealth creation.

dApp Dashboard

Stake & Digital Board

An inclusive ecosystem approach for stakeholders to actively participate in the development and the security of the blockchain through a digital board dashboard, whilst amplifying the value of their assets.
The investing platform

Invest with

A consumer-focused platform for tokenized real estate investments, ensuring seamless access to real-world assets and a digitally intuitive interface for asset ownership.

Homeownership Accelerator 

Found a Home you want to Own?

Accelerate your homeownership dreams with us. Find, finance, and secure your dream home effortlessly.

Asset Tokenization

Institutional Grade
Asset Tokenization

An institutional-grade compliant infrastructure for large scale tokenization of a wide variety of securities to unlock liquidity and broaden investment horizons.

Our native token

$PROPC - The Utility Token Models & Benefits

Harness the potential of our token model, encapsulating value across our verticals. Join us, and dive into a world where every stakeholder reaps benefits.

Below you can find the fundamentals of each utility.


Our ecosystem thrives on diversity: security tokens, utility token, and gas tokens synergize to provide a comprehensive and fluid experience.

Simple UX

Experience the sophistication of blockchain with the simplicity of traditional business models. Intuitive and familiar, ensuring ease for every user.

Loyalty & Incentives

Strengthening our ecosystem through rewards. Engage, use, and be recognized, as token rewards amplify product engagement and token utility.

Incognito Design

Tailored for the uninitiated. Engage with our tokens effortlessly, without the daunting processes of traditional web3 platforms.

"Through the hybrid architecture of our product verticals, we've broadened our customer reach beyond the confines of the niche web3 community, fostering uncorrelated demand for our token offerings."

- Robin Ubaghs, CEO

Vertical Utilities

Dive into our array of utilities, each meticulously crafted to serve specific needs and redefine your real estate experiences.

Tier & Loyalty Programs

Loyalty takes center stage at As users engage more with real estate activities or complete specified tasks, they are rewarded with tokens. These tokens can be leveraged to climb tiers, unlocking exclusive benefits within the product and across the Propchain ecosystem.

Cashflow Buybacks

We recognize the value of sustained token demand. Fees generated from property management and cashflow are partially used to buy back tokens from the open market, instituting an ongoing demand mechanism.

Business Accounts

Real estate developers and businesses can elevate their reach by tokenizing and listing their projects on But this premium service comes with a stake – they are required to stake tokens and pay associated fees. This duality ensures continued demand from both consumers and businesses.

Liquidity Windows

Liquidity is king. With our unique liquidity windows, users can effortlessly trade their assets with peers on our platform. By leveraging utility tokens, they can even unlock additional trading windows, further enhancing their chances of locating the perfect trading partner.

More coming soon...

We’re constantly improving our token utilities to create a stronger and more sustainable token economy which ultimately improves the experience of our users and token holders.

Staking & Earn

Our dApp dashboard is more than just a platform; it's a commitment. Users can stake their tokens for set durations, and in return, they're rewarded with even more tokens. It's our way of enhancing user LTV and solidifying the community's faith in our project.

Digital Board Member

Transparency meets innovation with our digital board. Engage directly with Propchain's visionaries, delve deep into our performance metrics, and partake in exclusive meet-ups. Plus, our token-based quests and models make this interaction all the more rewarding.

Liquidity Mining

Increasing liquidity is a pillar of our strategy. To bolster liquidity on decentralized exchanges, we've initiated a liquidity mining program. This encourages users to pool more liquidity, simultaneously creating a robust backing for Propchain and fostering a dedicated holder community.

Customer Voices

What Users Are Saying About Our Products

At Propchain, we deeply value the experiences and insights from customers of our range of products. Their feedback underscores the significance and potential of what we offer, highlighting the tangible impacts on their daily operations and transactions. These genuine reviews serve as testimonials to the commitment we have towards innovation and excellence, as we continue to evolve and shape the future of PropTech.