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Real estate investing made accessible for everyone.

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PropChain app

Purchase Real Estate worldwide from the comfort of your phone

Through our fully comprehensive and easy-to-use application, you can access unique real estate properties and developments across the globe! Buy and sell fractionalised property instantaneously! Monitor your returns, sales and property portfolios in a single click of a button!

Why PropChain?

Investing in real estate is accompanied by a large number of logistical barriers that make one’s experience less than ideal. PropChain’s ecosystem makes for a platform that is all-inclusive, easy-to-use and straight forward. Areas such as property valuation, legal certainty, transparency, speed of transaction, and more, are all present in PropChain’s high-end infrastructure, accommodating to all types of investors!

Breaking down barriers

Agents and other intermediaries often charge high prices or make deals behind closed doors without informing the buyer. PropChain makes real estate assets liquid by the means of fractional ownership and making them easily tradable. By doing so, high entry barriers are automatically broken down, and transparency is maintained.

Breaking down barriers

Low Fees

Low fee structures are maintained through the utilization of blockchain technology. Costs such as transfer tax and agent fees are no longer relevant, as the digitalised ownership shares are transferred, and not the asset itself.

Low Fees

Rapid Administrative Processes

Administrative processes can be handled quickly and conveniently by the fully automated smart contracts, which decentralizes the agent principal and creates transparency through blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency investors

A new group of investors can be brought to the real estate industry, namely: cryptocurrency investors. This can simultaneously function as a hedge against the bear markets.

Segmented Real estate portfolio

Investors can now build a globally diversified and segmented real-estate portfolio from the comfort of their phones.

Segmented Real estate portfolio

Fully Automated

Rent-collection & distribution can become fully automated and more frequent through on-chain collection, including claims of security deposits in case of late payments.

Decentralized Lending

The concept can, in a later stage, bring physical asset backing to decentralized lending & borrowing within the de-fi space, something which is unseen till date.

How It Works?

Below, you can find a step by step operational guideline for the PropChain marketplace


Create Account & Wallet

In a few simple steps, you can create an account & wallet on PropChain by filling in your basic information

Create Account & Wallet

Verify Identity

Upload your preferred ID type to begin the verification and KYC Process

Verify Identity

Unlock Investment Tier

Through our token staking program, you can unlock access to your investment tier within the platform to use unique features and receive rewards

Unlock  Investment Tier

Browse The Marketplace

Scroll through a wide range of properties, and search for the ones you like

Browse The Marketplace

Invest Into A Property

Invest into a wide range of properties that match your criteria through a payment method at your choice.

Invest Into A Property

Receive Dividends From Rent

Collect dividend payouts from the due rent of the properties in your portfolio

Receive Dividends From Rent

Enjoy capital appreciation

Benefit from the rising market value of your fractional ownership in the properties within your portfolio

Enjoy capital appreciation

Sell your stake

Satisfied with your capital appreciation, or found a better opportunity? Sell your ownership to other PropChain users through the advanced p2p swap technology

Sell your stake
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About $PROP

The PropChain token is the native utility token within the PropChain ecosystem and is used to fulfil a wide range of utilities, including an advanced staking and rewards system to create an optimal incentive for our users.

Staking $PROP


  • Unlock different portfolio limitations checked Unlock different portfolio limitations
  • primary marketplace checked Access to primary marketplace
  • P2P Swaps checked Access to P2P Swaps
  • Rewards checked Rewards
  • PropChain vault checked Purchase Allowance
$PROP Fees


  • primary marketplace fee checked Listing fee primary marketplace
  • Token tax checked Token tax
  • Wallet creation fee checked Wallet creation fee
  • Dividend distribution fee checked Dividend distribution fee
  • P2P swap fees checked P2P swap fees
  • Exchange fees checked Exchange fees


Below you can find the PropChain roadmap for the upcoming year, we will update this on a regular basis. Make sure to join our waitlist to stay up-to-date!

PropChain Roadmap Q1 2021

Q1 2021

  • roadmap checkBirth of initial idea
PropChain Roadmap Q2 2021

Q2 2021

  • Preliminary research checked Preliminary research on legal and tax burdens
  • Market validation checked Market validation
  • Layout of deal capacity checked Layout of deal capacity
  • legal partners checked Initial exploration of legal partners
  • comparison of blockchains checked First comparison of blockchains and tech
  • pre-seed funding checked Closure of pre-seed funding by TWR Investments Group
PropChain Roadmap Q3 2021

Q3 2021

  • legal team Construction of legal team
  • roadmap Recruitment of the development team
  • UX/UI team Recruitment of the UX/UI team
  • brand foundations Finalization brand foundations
  • platform and functionalities Technological draft of the platform and functionalities
  • legal structuring Start of the legal structuring process
  • token utilities Creation of token utilities
  • token economics Finalization of token economics
  • litepaper Writing of litepaper
  • first real estate properties Sourcing first real estate properties
PropChain Roadmap Q4 2021

Q4 2021

  • smart contract Start of the smart contract development
  • VC partnership 1st VC partnership
  • Seed round Seed round
  • Litepaper finalization Litepaper finalization
  • initial platform Finalization of the initial platform UX/UI
  • platform development Start of platform development
  • advisors & partners Announcement of initial layer of advisors & partners
PropChain Roadmap Q1 2022

Q1 2022

  • Private round Private round
  • platform corporate structure Finalization of the platform corporate structure
  • platform corporate structure Finalization $PROP token smart contracts
  • platform corporate structure Finalization of wallet system
  • platform corporate structure Fiat on and off-ramp integration by major regulated banking partner
  • platform corporate structure Finalization corporate issuance structures globally
  • platform corporate structure Exploration of a Sharia compliant framework for Islamic investors
PropChain Roadmap Q2 2022

Q2 2022

  • Audit of the token smart contracts
  • Platform demo
  • Finalization P2P swaps (P2P Swaps)
  • Finalization of MVP infrastructure
  • Audit on MVP platform smart contracts
  • Penetration tests
  • IDO
  • Beta testing platform
  • MVP platform launch
  • Marketing campaign around project launch
  • Tech layout mobile application
PropChain Roadmap Q3 2022

Q3 2022

  • Expanding infrastructure to be U.S. compliant
  • 1st CEX listing
  • Release of staking module
  • Release of referral module
  • Follow-up platform developments
  • Extensive marketing campaign on STO opportunities
  • Roll-out of the mobile application
PropChain Roadmap Q4 2022

Q4 2022

  • Launch infrastructure for U.S. STO’s
  • Attending multiple big blockchain events in the gulf region
  • Further exploration of sandbox regulations

Meet our team!

A diverse, motivated and enthusiastic group of young and innovative entrepreneurial minds, working hard to facilitate your estate investment opportunities!

Robin Ubaghs - CEO / CO-Founder

With decades’ experience in blockchain and finance, I am now ready to merge both industries through PropChain.

Robin Ubaghs

CEO / Co-Founder

Alexander Ingwersen - Chief Product Officer

Fascinated by finance and tech, I ensure that our product is viable, efficient, and user-friendly.

Alexander Ingwersen

Chief Product Officer / Co-Founder

Zakaria Elkhanza - Marketing & Business Development/Co-Founder

Connecting people and businesses is my forte, at PropChain, I implement this by leading our marketing operations, host events and manage PR.

Zakaria Elkhanza

Marketing & Business Development/Co-Founder

Amer Banerjee - Chief Operations Officer

Moving from traditional finance after having headed countless teams in the banking industry, I am excited to bring my experience in operations and management to PropChain, ensuring our legal viability is always maintained.

Amer Banerjee

Chief Operations Officer

Christian Baumann - Chief Investment Officer

Having worked in property management and investment throughout my career, I have built a skillset in sourcing, structuring, and maintaining high yielding, tax efficient real estate, all of which encompass my role within PropChain.

Christian Baumann

Chief Investment Officer

Tobias Athenstaedt - Chief Technical Officer

Technology is my bread and butter, and within PropChain, I implement this by overseeing all Front and Back-End processes throughout the product development and maintenance stages.

Tobias Athenstaedt

Chief Technical Officer

Tobias Athenstaedt - Chief Technical Officer

Information Technology has always driven me in my professional career. I apply my theoretical and practical knowledge of IT at PropChain by building CRM systems, data tracking, and analysis mechanisms to optimise the company’s outbound communications.

Ian Upton

Chief Data Officer

Mostafa El Ridi - Campaign Manager

As a polyglot, with a love for creativity and expression, I combine my skill in management with that expression to plan, strategize and communicate content for PropChain to grow our brand.

Mostafa El Ridi

Campaign Manager

Hicham Sadike - Econometrician

Upon completing my degree in Econometrics, I am now taking up a new challenge in decentralized finance which helps me showcase my expertise and learn about an emerging industry at the same time.

Hicham Sadike


Octavian Coban - Research Intern

Currently pursuing my master’s degree in finance, I am assisting PropChain with research and customer profiling during my internship.

Octavian Coban

Research Intern

Vince Nijhof - Ads manager

I currently lead a company in the e-Commerce and growth hacking space. I combine my passions for blockchain technology, creativity, and my experience in paid advertising, merging them into this stellar project, which I consider one of my most exciting experiences to date.

Vince Nijhof

Head of Advertising

Agapi Nikolaidou - Administration

My background is in financial asset management, my passion resides in anthropological practices, and I combine the two in my post as General Assistant here at PropChain.

Agapi Nikolaidou


Kian Zegveld - Creative Director

Having founded an established video content creative directory group in the Netherlands, I carry over my expertise in the industry to help PropChain produce high-quality content for its audience.

Kian Zegveld

Creative Director

Andrea Ritondale - Product Manager

I consider blockchain, DAOs, and DeFi to be my forte. At PropChain, I guide the application of these technologies to the real estate industry through incentive systems as well as the effective communication of the formers.

Andrea Ritondale

Product Manager

Alvin Kok - Liquidity Supervisor

Previously working as a speculator. I will be facilitating a smoother flow of transactions for a functioning market, and efficient price discovery.

Alvin Kok

Liquidity Supervisor

Alvin Kok - Social Media manager

I am a polyglot with years of experience in the automotive industry and e-commerce, helping businesses develop their social media presence.

Mila Koc

Social Media manager