Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Propchain

  • Where can I download the whitepaper?

    You can find the Propchain whitepaper here. 

  • What are the benefits of a DBM?

    ✅ 10% extra $PROPC tokens over the total amount of vested tokens

    ✅ A seat at the digital quarterly board meeting of Propchain

    ✅ Access to the exclusive group chat of the board

    ✅ First-hand access to the companies roadmap and strategic plan announcements

    ✅ Exclusive access to all product roll-outs & testing groups

  • How can I quit the DBM program?

    If you want to quit the DBM program please send an email to [email protected] with your request.

    🚨 Please note: If you want to quit the DBM program you will have to pay a redemption fee (as stated per SAFT) over your vested tokens.

  • Why my tokens are still tokens in the dashboard?

    For more information please check the following article .

  • When is the best time to claim to keep gas fees as low as possible?

    $PROPC is built on the Ethereum Netwerk. Gas fees are based on how busy the Ethereum network is. So the busier the network the more expensive it is to use it. You can also choose to stand the tokens and claim them at a later time to save on gas fees.

  • I can’t claim my tokens because they are vested. What does “vested” means?

    The tokens that you bought are vested (vested is as per the SAFT), which means that they are locked for a certain amount of time. A small portion of the tokens will be unlocked on a daily basis as you can see in the vesting schedule.

    🚨 Please note: If you are a DBM, as per your DBM participation all tokens moved to DBM Bucket, as your tokens are realigned with team vesting. The vesting starts at 19th of May 2024.

  • Is it possible to directly stake my vested amount?

    No, vested tokens can’t be allocated for staking in any of the pools.

  • Is there a time limit to claim my tokens?

    No, you can claim your tokens whenever you want. Every day a piece of these tokens will be unlocked. Check out the vesting schedule above to see when your tokens start releasing. You can easily wait to claim them later on to save on gas fees.

  • When I claim my $PROPC through the dashboard, will they be stored automatically in my MetaMask?

    Yes, the tokens will be automatically stored in your MetaMask wallet if you connected to your MetaMask wallet.

    🚨 Please note: The tokens are only visible if you claimed your tokens.

    For more information on how to add $PROPC in your MetaMask please check the following article.  

  • What is a spending cap?

    You are hereby granting permission for a maximum limit of tokens to be sent from your wallet.